The Frog Marketplace gathers complementary solutions pre-integrated into Frog from leading vendors selected and validated by Wyplay.

Our Marketplace solutions partners benefit from Wyplay’s promotional efforts through our direct sales, websites, social media, tradeshows, press releases, and more.

SIGFOX is a Frog by Wyplay partner Sigfox provides a global Internet of Things (IoT) wireless connectivity solution. Sigfox's network is ideal to connect non-broadband STBs and improve the user experience while reducing opex.
Connit is a Frog by Wyplay partner Connit offers SIGFOX Ready™ USB or custom modems and SDKs integrated with the Frog Client middleware, opening up your Set-Top-Boxes to the Internet of Things.
Wildmoka’s cloud platform turns in real-time any video source into an enriched, delinearized, navigable and social content, available on any screen (TV, tablet, smartphones, etc.).
Craftwork is a Frog by Wyplay Marketplace partner Craftwork's Luna TV browser provides a JavaScript rendering engine designed for the TV User Experience taking full advantage of the GPU in the STB. Luna allows to create modern UIs that run at 50fps in HD.
Voxtok Technologies (formerly known as Connected Labs) is a web technologies provider spunoff from MStar Semiconductor and provides key building blocks of the TV user experience, including an hbbTV stack offered through the Frog Marketplace.
WizTivi’s Application Framework powers advanced interactive services like portals, video solutions (vod, catchup or web-tv), or premium App Stores for on demand and live applications.)
Quadrille’s push content delivery technology allows operators to offer non-linear video services services (T-VOD, S-VOD, Catch-up,..) to their non-IP-connected or poorly-connected customers over broadcast networks (satellite, terrestrial, cable).
Paragon Software provides File System drivers that drastically reduce memory consumption in media centre applications
4Mod Technology offers creative design and turnkey solutions such as motion remote controls and smart devices dedicated to home control.
Airties provides the Air4400 WiFi dongle to connect broadcast STB to the Internet and thus enable subscribers to access their on-line services with no change in the hardware.