What's in it for you ?

In today’s turbulent digital TV market environment, operators and broadcasters are striving to enhance their service offerings to compete with new over-the-top entrants and to cope with changing viewing habits and the proliferation of devices in the home.

With an open innovation-driven model and fully documented source code available to its members, Frog by Wyplay offers the freedom and flexibility to face these challenges in a more cost effective and agile way compared to traditional proprietary solutions.

With Frog, you reclaim control of your technology roadmap.


The Frog Solution gives you an edge by providing a convergent TV experience on multiple devices. With Frog, live or non-linear contents can be played from any screen – big or small- to any other in the home or on the move, while companion services can be deployed to tablets and smartphones.

The Frog Client and Frog Backend work seamlessly together or independently to deliver new use cases such as personalised recommendations, social sharing, a unified presentation of live broadcast with over-the-top channels, and more. 


At the heart of Frog lies the principle of Open Innovation: we believe that our Community can collectively deliver answers to operators’ requirements faster and better than Wyplay alone.

Concretely, this means that any member company can contribute new features into the shared code base or the Frog Marketplace, thus accelerating availability of Frog-based products and services tailored to operators’ needs. Moreover, the full code base is visible to members which means that bugs can be spotted quicker.

In addition, the Frog Reference Implementations offer a pre-integration of the Frog Solution on a range of chipsets and Set-Top Boxes thus allowing projects to get started quickly.


By standardizing your technology platform on Frog, as an Operator you gain leverage on your vendors, while as a Vendor you lower your integration costs into a solution already adopted by Tier-1 operators such as Canal+, SFR or Belgacom.

With Frog, you also benefit from a contribution-driven roadmap and the development cost of new features is shared between all Licensees.